Benefits of pre-employment screening

Interviewing and reading through an applicant’s resume might be an outdated way of screening your employees. Recent research shows that 78% of resumes have misleading or false information about the applicant, while almost half contain blatant lies. This trend led to the emergence of companies offering pre-employment testing that can help employers gather accurate data, making the whole hiring process easy. Some of the benefits of this include:

Hassle-free hiring process
Applicants who go through pre-employment tests are required to accomplish exams early on. Through this, you can easily identify applicants who are serious about the job.

Employees are being recommended for certain jobs based on the outcome of their tests. The exams, which determine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, help recruiters narrow down candidates.

Lower Attrition
If the tests show that an individual excels in math, verbal, communication skills, and other skills required in a sales job, the employee will likely be productive in a position related to sales. Thus, he or she is less likely to be fired or quit.

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Reconciling health privacy and employer wellness rewards

The Obama administration and the EEOC issued rules in May for employers for setting up employee wellness programs that reward workers and protect their health privacy.

“The commission worked to harmonize HIPAA’s goal of allowing incentives to encourage participation in wellness programs with … provisions that require that participation in certain types of wellness programs is voluntary,” said Jenny R. Yang, chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The new rules also work to fight against discrimination based on existing health conditions.

However, there are disagreements on the part of EEOC and various companies when it comes to screening programs which are voluntary. A 2014 dispute between the EEOC and Flambeau, a plastics manufacturer is ongoing. The company required certain wellness screenings, which the EEOC contested was a violation of the ADA. A federal judge ruled in favor of Flambeau and the EEOC appealed the ruling. The issue at hand is whether these screenings be voluntary. It can be challenging to reconcile screenings that determine whether an employee is capable of work requirements and not discriminating against disabled individuals.

The Pre Employment Screening experts at WorkSTEPS seek to keep in line with Federal requirements and can help your screening comply with these laws. Get in touch with our functional capacity evaporators by calling (512) 617-4100.

Electing for a WORKSAFE WORKPLACE – WorkSTEPS Employer Conference

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Our Country is facing a crisis with employment challenges related to managing the aging workforce, returning veterans, and our disabled population to name a few.  Many employers fear these challenges and opt not to effectively address them.  This often results in expensive litigation that ends up eliminating jobs rather than creating them. Our goal is to encourage employers to proactively address these challenges with solutions offered through the sharing of best practices that have proven to be a win-win for both employers and workers.

Topics to include:  Functional Employment Testing | Managing Inclusion, Diversity and Disability in the Workplace | Accommodating Religion in the Workplace: The EEOC’s New Commandments | Workplace Violence and Active Shooter – How to be Prepared! |  Uncharted Waters: Defending Job Analyses in ADA & Section 503 Cases and MORE…

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