What is Agility Testing?

When you are looking to hire someone new for a physically demanding position, it is important to consider whether or not candidates have the physical capabilities to handle the tasks involved with that position. Pre-offer agility testing can help ensure that all potential candidates are able to perform certain tasks that are associated with the job without physical harm or risk of injury.

What We Look For

When conducting pre-offer agility assessments, we want to ensure that your candidate will have no trouble completing any of the physical duties affiliated with the position for which he or she is being considered. This means testing for the ability to do things like the following:

  • Lift and carry heavy loads properly
  • Ascend and descend ladders
  • Move from a standing position to a kneeling position without pain

As it will be imperative for your employees to be able to complete certain physical tasks in the course of performing their duties, our WorkSTEPS evaluators will be able to create a screening system that is specifically tailored to your workplace’s demands. This lowers the likelihood that there will be injuries to your employees in the future.

Contact a WorkSTEPS Representative

If you are interested in pre-offer agility testing, or any other type of screening or preventative training for your employees, WorkSTEPS can provide tests and helpful techniques to ensure workplace safety and improve productivity. We have a nationwide network of providers that can help you fulfill your specific needs. Contact a WorkSTEPS representative today by calling (512) 617-4100 to learn more.