Reevaluating Employee Turnover and Functional Testing

Reevaluating Employee Turnover

A high turnover rate refers to the rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by new hires this number includes employees who quit their jobs and those who are asked to leave. Most companies strive to keep their employee turnover rate low because there are a lot of repercussions with a high turnover rate. A high turnover rate for a business can be quite expensive from the hiring process costs, selection and screening costs, interview costs, employment costs to training costs. Smart companies aim to keep their turnover rates down, so they do not spend valuable staff time and money on hiring and training new employees so often. WorkSTEPS’ evaluations work with new hires and current employees to determine if they are fit for the job you are hiring for ultimately bringing down turnover costs for you and your company.

WorkSTEPS is the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, but companies nationwide are using our tests and evaluations to increase work productivity. Our WorkSTEPS assessment has become an integral part of a systematic business model that is automated, validated, measurable, and offers a predictable return on investment. Our evaluation services will help your company experience a decreased employee turnover rate, increased worker productivity, a safer work environment, reduced workers’ compensation claims, and much more.

Why Decreased Employee Turnover Matters for Your Business

WorkSTEPS helps decrease turnover rate through their evaluation strategies. The key to employee turnover is retaining good employees and not hiring employees who ultimately will not be a good fit. By evaluating new hires, current employees, and conducting an exit evaluation, our evaluations overall work to decrease a company’s turnover rate. A high turnover rate typically has a negative impact on a company or business because employers must continuously retrain new employees. Some benefits of a low employee turnover rate include:

  • Creating a sense of community and unity – Employees that remain at the company are more likely to have a sense of community and even add to the community of the workplace. The sense of community is essential in the workplace because it encourages defining and reaching goals as well as overall productivity within the company. Unity is also crucial because employees are more likely to have more progress if they feel like they are adding to the bigger picture and success of the company. No one likes to feel left behind or like the workload is not being equally distributed.
  • Decreased time spent training new employees – A high employee turnover rate results in the constant training of new employees. That means valuable time and money invested in employees who might decide to quit or be asked to leave due to employment decisions. Companies that do not have to re-train employees do not experience the economic setback that businesses who have a high employee turnover rate experience. Not only is money lost in training new employees, but the price of recruiting new candidates really also adds up.
  • Increased productivity due to employee mastery over jobs – If an employee is going to remain at your company for the long haul, chances are they want keeping honing their skills to get better at the job and eventually continue to move up within the company. Increased productivity of employees directly leads to more experienced employees. These employees are more likely to remain at your business because they are continuing to get better at their job.
  • General camaraderie – General camaraderie among employees and between employees and employers is very important because it makes work enjoyable and consequently, more productive. If the company sets defined goals and has a great team of dedicated employees, the company is more likely to reach their goals and have fun while they are doing it. Satisfied and happy employees typically lead to a significant and productive work environment.

If your company is experiencing a high employee turnover rate, please contact us today to learn more about how our employee evaluations can help decrease your employee turnover rate.

Resources to Lower Employee Turnover Rates

WorkSTEPS functional employment testing can lower your employee turnover rate and continue to keep your turnover rates low. Our evaluations have resulted in a more productive workplace for many of our customers. It is crucial for your company to consider long-term goals and to think ahead regarding hiring decisions. Our employee evaluations for new hires and existing employees are significant resources to decrease turnover rate in your business.

New hires can undergo a pre-offer agility test. This test is administered before an official offer of employment and evaluates if a new hire has the physical ability to safely perform the desired tasks for their job function. Medical history is not collected during this test; this test simply seeks if applicants can safely and adequately perform each job function.

The pre-employment post-offer test, however, is a bit more comprehensive and seeks to document and quantify pre-existing conditions, cumulative trauma, and is used as a baseline comparison should there be any injury or rehabilitation necessary. This test includes a medical history review with a clinician, medical and strength measurements, dynamic lifting and progressive lifting sequence, cardiovascular measures, and essential job function testing to ensure the proper capability to complete job functions.

Existing employees can undergo post-employment physical agility testing. This evaluation may be used preventatively to ensure that existing employees continue to meet the physical demands of essential jobs functions. This test is often administered to employees in positions that affect public safety such as firefighters and police officers.

The Upper Quadrant/Carpal Tunnel evaluation is used to determine employee capability relative to repetitive job function rather than physical fitness. This test may be used independently for pre or post-employment as well as a component of the Injured Worker Fit-for-Duty test.

WorkSTEPS also offers evaluations and testing for injured workers to ensure they are making a proper recovery and to prevent workers from returning to work too early. Our Fit-for-Duty evaluation is for current employees after an injury that focuses on only the injured part of the body to ensure that workers are capable of completing essential job tasks post-injury. The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), however, is a full body comprehensive medical test to measure an employees’ physical capacity to help with injury management and recover. FCE can be given to determine the severity of the injury and administered again during rehabilitation to assess progress. We want the best for your company our evaluations will help your business.

These tests ensure that candidate for hire, new hires, and existing employees can perform essential job functions. These evaluations will help decrease your turnover rate because you will not make the mistake of hiring unqualified candidates having to let them go just to hire someone new. High turnover rates can be a vicious cycle that will ultimately cause your company less productivity, and we are here to help you evaluate candidates to help your business get the best and most qualified employees.

The Cost of A High Turnover Rate

An American Progress report published in 2012 found that with the exceptions of top executives and physicians, that the typical median cost of employee turnover was 21 percent of an employee’s annual salary. This study also notes, “about one-fifth of workers voluntarily leave their job each year, and an additional one-sixth are fired or otherwise let go involuntarily.” These statistics make the cost of turnover an economic issue, and it is essential to have the resources you need to your company avoid losing money to a high employee turnover rate.  It is vital that your business does not fall victim to the cycle of a high turnover rate. Continually bringing on new hires and spending time and money training new employees can add up and have a negative impact on your business. Here at WorkSTEPS, our evaluations aim to significantly lower a company’s employee turnover rate to find you the most qualified and able candidates.

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We have the experience your company needs to continue to grow and succeed. Our company has performed millions of functional employment tests since we were founded in 1994. We understand what it takes to have a low employee turnover rate, and we strive to help business like yours continue to succeed.  We know that happy and productive employees make a business thrive. We want to ensure that your company hires able and physically capable employees for each position to ensure that you have the lowest employee turnover rate possible. If your company is interested in learning about how WorkSTEPS evaluations can help you lower your employee turnover rate, please contact our Austin-based offices today by calling [phone number].