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WorkSTEPS – Your Partner to Mitigate Liability

The Need for a Partner Who Understands Liability Risk

Liability risk is present throughout the employment life cycle – from hiring, to implementation of occupational health and safety policies and programs, to managing injuries and returning employees to work. At a minimum, companies need to make sure their policies and programs comply with federal, state, and sometimes even local regulations. Beyond that, employers need to guard against legal actions by making sure employment-related decision making is supported by credible evidence. Since employers typically rely on vendors to help implement their policies and programs, mitigating liability risk requires partners who are dedicated to compliance and capable of providing support that helps reduce liability risk.

WorkSTEPS is Focused on Mitigating Liability Risk

Risk awareness and risk management run deep at WorkSTEPS. Our original mission was to address the rising incidence and cost of workers’ compensation claims, and our business expanded to meet the growing need to comply with increased federal regulation of employer hiring practices, and to assist our customers in navigating the difficult legal terrain.

We help our customers mitigate risk in four basic ways:

  1. Compliant Programs: All of WorkSTEPS programs are created to comply with laws and regulations, including the Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection, 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements.
  2. Data to Support Decision-Making: WorkSTEPS‘ functional testing programs are evidence-based and designed to be compliant with applicable laws. As such, the information our testing programs yield regarding an individual’s functional capacities and limitations can be used as the basis of decisions regarding employment, return to work and workers’ compensation settlements. WorkSTEPS can work with you to determine a functional testing program strategy that is appropriate to your company’s risk exposure.
  3. Industry-Leading Information Management Software: WorkSTEPS has created a proprietary EHS workflow data management system. We call it our Digital Backbone and it enables us build person-centric, case-specific longitudinal records of employee engagement in WorkSTEPS-provided services, including all forms, communications, appointments and outcomes. The result is a HIPPA compliant, complete and accurate record that can be used to defend against legal actions.
  4. Customer Education: WorkSTEPS strives to keep customers up-to-date on the regulatory environment surrounding employment law and occupational health & safety. In addition to featuring informative employment law updates on our website, we develop and continually update white papers on critical employment law issues. Upon the execution of a Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are happy to provide White Papers on:
    • Americans With Disabilities Amendment Act
    • Hiring of Temporary and Contingent Workers
    • Periodic Testing of Existing Workers (Fit for Duty Evaluations)
    • Upper Quadrant and Carpal Testing
    • Post Offer and Fit for Duty Functional Testing and Unions

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