Some Pre-Employment Test Trends You Should Try

Pre-employment tests are used to screen incoming candidates for a job. These tests allow employers to measure an individual’s cognitive ability, knowledge, physical abilities, and more. Here are some pre-employment tests you should know about:

  1. Cognitive tests are becoming a trend – According to Wall Street Journal, a simple personality test does not measure a person’s ability to learn things or consider job tasks quickly or critically. Cognitive Tests and Work Sample (Simulation) tests help hiring managers to objectively evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform tasks or if they can be effective on the job.
  2. Emerging mobile testing – 77% of people aged 16 to 34 use mobile devices for job search. Using mobile platforms to conduct assessment and pre-employment exams give applicants the idea that the company is maximizing the use of technology.
  3. Using social media to screen candidates – A majority of hiring managers consider an applicant’s social media presence when deciding whether or not a candidate suits the job.

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