Reinventing 2017 Wellness Programs

A new thing that employers are being encouraged to include in their budgets is corporate wellness programs. With answers from the experts, many companies may find it beneficial to include such programs into their employee benefits.

Q: Is it worth investing in Corporate Wellness programs?

A: According to Nick Patel, Founder and President of Wellable, companies should invest in wellness programs, but they should use their good sense of judgment in what types they include, opting for those that will have high returns, like a boost in productivity.

Q: What parts of established health programs are not addressing certain things well?

A: Laura Moreno, the host of the Growth Hacking podcast, says ignorance is where companies fail. Not knowing about the right programs to implement can actually hurt a company more than help. There are tools available to employers that offer analytics on such issues.

Q: What are other interesting wellness initiatives?

A: Some examples of expert recommendations include a “cycle to work day”, “No Lift (Elevator) Day” to help burn fats, and “15 Minutes Meditation” every Friday are among some popular programs.

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