HealthMine reports large gaps in aid given to their consumer base

On September 12, 2016, HealthMine Wellness Program Survey released the results of a survey done among 750 insured consumers. Their findings supported concerns about how inclusive the programs actually are.

Some of the most used program offerings are Health Risk Assessments, fitness subsidies and challenges, and nutrition and healthy eating—each with more than 50% participation—but most plans do not include programs to stop smoking, despite a high number of users having smoked. Cancer screenings remain unavailable in a shocking three-fourths of all programs and while nearly half of all participants report having other chronic illnesses, only 15% actually say their programs help them manage those illnesses.

Nowhere near even half of all users attend their program once a week while a whopping 25% say that they go less than three times in a year; this might be attributed to the lack of incentive in over half of the programs and a lack of price comparison in another 29%.

On the better side, however, 62% of respondents claimed that their program helped them to save money, 38% took fewer sick days, and another 33% felt more productive at work.

As of September 12, 2016, results of survey done by HealthMine Wellness Program Survey among 750 insured consumers:

“The promise of wellness programs is to improve health outcomes and lower costs one member at a time,” Bryce Williams, CEO and President of HealthMine said in response to the survey results, “But to deliver on that promise, plan sponsors must use clinical data to close gaps in care.”

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