Various Types of Employment Tests

Employment tests are designed to help the employer choose the best candidate for any given job. They are created to determine whether a person will be the perfect fit for the position. In order to do this, different types of tests are provided to help employers learn a candidate’s maximum capacity for activities relative to the job. A few of the most common and helpful types of employment tests are categorized as:

  • Assessment Center – tests skills that would prepare the candidate for job content and problems that arise on the job; usually for communication, organization, and analytical skills
  • Cognitive Ability – measures logic and reasoning
  • Integrity – tests ethical knowledge; usually tackles reliability and honesty
  • Interview – usually tests the interpersonal and teamwork skills; may be used to assess the person’s knowledge of the job
  • Job Knowledge – may evaluate technical skills required by the job
  • Personality – usually assess the person’s traits that are relevant to the job
  • Physical Ability – typically includes strength and speed for jobs that include manual labor
  • Work Sample and Simulation – tackles specific job skill/knowledge

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