Promoting workplace wellness

Medical professionals have recommended employers implement a number of measures in the workplace to encourage and facilitate healthier lifestyles for employees. These practices can reduce the amount of medical services needed and reduce workplace-related illnesses or injuries as well.

A few of the recommended promotional measures involve:

  • Exercise – Something as simple as providing secured bike parking for commuters or shower and locker facilities for those who want to exercise at lunchtime can increase the likelihood of exercise.
  • Preventive care – This may include providing vaccinations in the workplace during flu season.
  • Education – Hold seminars designed to raise awareness of healthier practices.

While there are a number of tactics you can use within your company to promote wellness, you may want to consider the outside help of the experts at WorkSTEPS. Our team has helped Austin businesses build health-oriented programs that work for them. To learn more about the services we offer, call us now at (512) 617-4100.

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