Understanding Pre-Employment Testing

As many employers know, traditional resumes are often unreliable when it comes to identifying skills and experience in applicants. Research suggests that 46% of resumes are composed of lies and 78% have misleading statements, according to Criteria Corp.

To counter dishonest tendencies in applicants, companies are beginning to opt for pre-employment testing in their hiring process. Pre-employment tests are found to be more objective in structure and design, and they help companies identify applicants who will fit into a long-term plan. Not only does pre-employment testing lessen the time spent on reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, it also offers the following benefits to employers:

  • Higher productivity – well-developed and validated tests may predict the employee’s productivity in the future
  • Increased defensibility in the hiring process – Because tests are under federal guidelines, equitable and non-discriminatory hiring procedure is certain
  • Increased employee retention (and reduction in costs regarding turnovers) – The test ensures that employees have the basic aptitude for the job

If your company is in need of a pre-employment testing, or if you wish to learn more about the services we offer, call WorkSTEPS today at 512-617-4100 to speak to a representative.


  1. I think it is a good idea to do pre-employment testing. You can learn what the candidate is going to be able to do physically and if they are a good choice in terms of stand up citizen as well. I will have to talk to my friend about having his employees do pre-employment physicals to ensure they are good choices for his business. Thank you for the information on the benefits of pre-employment testing.

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