How is pre-employment testing helpful to your company?

Pre-employment tests, usually provided by workplace wellness programs, are tests done to screen job applicants; they may often include the testing of knowledge, work skills, personality, cognitive abilities, language proficiency, and many other areas.

Pre-employment testing can be incredibly helpful in the sense that it can identify applicants who will be likely to perform well in their jobs. This testing allows employers to save time and decrease turnover rates, as well as to improve overall moral.

Companies should be aware of two major elements to pre-employment testing: validity and reliability. Validity means that the tests should measure criteria that will predict the employee’s performance. In short, a test becomes valid when the employee who performed well on the test goes on to do well on the job. Reliability, on the other hand, is the consistency with which a test measures an item.

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  1. Kael Drake says:

    You make a good point as to why employment screening can be helpful for companies looking to hire new workers. Like you said, I think that employment screening or testing can help to identify which applicants are best suited to work for a certain company. The company that I currently work for participates in employment testing, and I feel like it has helped to increase the quality of the people hired to work here. I’d recommend that all employers use some kind of employment screening or testing to determine who they should hire. Thank you for posting!

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