How to ensure your fit-for-duty test complies with the law

Fit-for-duty tests are conducted to ensure that a worker is physically and psychologically able to perform his tasks without causing harm to himself and to others. These exams are strictly targeted, which means it is limited to assessing the worker’s capability to perform specific job functions. They are never designed to acquire irrelevant, possibly discriminatory details, such as hereditary conditions.

A fit-for-duty exam that is perceived to be discriminatory or prejudicial could violate the law. As such, it is important for employers and managers to seek only the information that is relevant to the job function involved. Employers may also consider making fit-for-duty exams a part of their workplace policy by establishing who are required to take the exams, such as those returning from extensive medical leave, or those who have shown non-standard behavior in the workplace that could cause harm.

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