What employers should know about upper limb disorders

Upper limb disorders (ULD) refer to any problem involving the neck or any portion of the upper extremities. ULDs are oftentimes accompanied by pain, cramps, numbness, stiffness, swelling, or a tingling sensation in the affected area. Causes of ULD vary, from compromised tendons and muscles, poor blood circulation, to abnormal delivery of nerve signals to the upper limb.

ULD is among the most common illnesses affecting workers in certain industries. Workers exposed to the following factors are considered at highest risk:

  • Repetitive motion
  • Forceful and sustained effort
  • Ergonomically uncomfortable workspaces
  • Stressful work environment

To maintain a safe and productive workplace, employers may choose to establish a Fit-for-Duty evaluation to assess the capacity of the workers returning from ULD in performing job-specific tasks. This way, the employer can gauge if the returning employee is fit to perform the tasks delegated to him, or if he needs to be reassigned to other duties.

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