Wellness programs may reduce ergonomics-related injuries

Workers whose tasks require repetitive, prolonged, and forceful motions are at most risk of ergonomics injuries. Work-related injuries due to poor ergonomics include carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back problems, which account for a significant amount of hours lost at work, decreased productivity, and substantial compensation payments.

To prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries and discomforts, employers are urged to have a proactive approach in improving workplace ergonomics. Harmful positions at work can be ardently addressed through providing ergonomically correct workstations. Wellness programs that consist of group training for workplace efficiency and one on one health consultation have also been proven to decrease the number of ergonomics-related injuries.

Having a successful wellness program may translate to higher levels of work satisfaction and worker retention. Our team at WorkSTEPS can help you advocate for your employees and your business through wellness programs specifically designed for your company’s needs. For more information about how we can be of help, call us at (512) 617-4100 today.

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